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How Going Back To School Will Affect TaskTeens

On September 8th, the majority of our teenagers will officially have "returned to school" as they begin the first day of online classes. In accordance with local school districts' policies, students will be online for the duration of a normal school day, from approximately 8AM - 3PM for most. Given that just about all of our teens will be affected by this, we thought it important to let you know best practices for posting jobs going into the school year!

For jobs posted on weekdays, we recommend setting the time range as sometime after 3PM, when the majority of our teens will be available. Additionally, we recommend extending slightly more flexibility with regards to timing than usual to accommodate for many students' busy and changing schedules. For jobs being posted on the weekends, everything should be business as usual! The final recommendation we have is giving slightly more advance than usual on job postings, as many of our teens will have other activities such as sports starting up as well and may not be able to commit to tasks on short notice like they can now.

With these in mind, we can ensure that you will have just as smooth a TaskTeens experience as before throughout the rest of the year!! We look forward to continuing to serve you, and to helping out with whatever you may need done this Fall season!

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