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Our Top 3 Fall Lawn Care Tips for Northern Virginia

As Summer draws to a close and Falls grows ever nearer, many homeowners adopt the misconception that they can now ease off their lawn maintenance until the Spring thaw. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth! While proper Fall maintenance will ensure a vibrant green yard come Spring, lack of maintenance can all but guarantee you'll see those ugly dead patches in your grass. Here are our top 3 Fall maintenance tips to ensure a green lawn come Spring:

1) Raking: Contrary to some schools of thought, dead leaves will not insulate your lawn over Winter. Instead, the layering of leaves will starve your grass of air, and cause dead patches. Be sure to rake, bag, and dispose of your fallen leaves at least once every two months!

2) Continued Mowing: Grass won't stop growing until it frosts over come Winter, so you'll want to continue mowing through Autumn. For your final mow of the season, we recommend setting your mower's height 1-2 inches lower than usual, to prepare your grass for "hibernation"!

3) Trimming Dead Plants and Trees: Finally, be sure to trim any dead/overgrown plants or trees you have in your yard as temperatures begin to drop. We recommend doing this in conjunction with your leaf raking, so that you can bag up all your debris for curbside removal!

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