Executive Program

Rewarding our hardest working teens with our highest earning opportunities.


Executive Status is the highest form of recognition within TaskTeens. It is reserved for those teens who display an ongoing pattern of hard work and consistently receive positive feedback from homeowners. Teens who qualify for Executive Status will receive a wide array of exclusive benefits to help them get even more out of TaskTeens.


5% Bonus Pay on all jobs

Priority choice on accepting jobs

Direct phone line to TaskTeens management

Unlimited free equipment rental

Automatic entry into running for District Manager


Teens can achieve and maintain Executive Status on a month to month basis. To qualify, you must have completed at least 4 jobs the previous month and received at least an 85% satisfaction rating on these jobs. hold good standing with TaskTeens. Once these qualifications are met you will be enrolled in the Executive Program. To maintain Executive Status, you must meet the qualifications listed above each month.

Ready to earn Executive Status?

Get started on a job today, and put yourself one step closer to acceptance into the Executive Program!

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