Executive Program

Rewarding our most loyal users with the highest quality benefits and service we can offer.


Executive Status is the highest form of recognition within TaskTeens, reserved for those homeowners who use our services on a regular basis. For those users who qualify for Executive Status, they can expect a whole suite of exclusive benefits designed to ensure they will receive nothing but the highest quality service TaskTeens has to offer.


For every $1, spent, receive 5% back in redeemable credit

Priority on getting your tasks filled first

Direct phone line to TaskTeens management

Seasonal, Executive exclusive 1 time offers

Priority service regardless of your needs


To obtain Executive Status, a homeowner must spend a total of $300 over a minimum of 2 jobs within a 3 month period. Once these qualifications are met homeowners will be automatically enrolled in the program for a minimum of the next 6 months/$600 of business. To maintain Executive Status past the minimum, a homeowner must spend $150 within a 2 month period. Each time this is done, the homeowner will receive a 2 month extension to their enrollment.

Ready to earn Executive Status?

Post your job today, and help one of our teens gain valuable work experience while getting one step closer to the benefits listed above!

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