Update from the founder on COVID-19:

To our valued Customers, 


Currently we are living through a place in history which neither us nor our parents have seen anything even close to. Of course, our first thoughts and prayers are for anyone at a elevated risk, or who is sick - and we at TaskTeens hope that you, your family, and your friends are all safe and well. As an organization, TaskTeens is about bringing people and communities closer, after all we are a connection service! Ironic, then, it is now that we all must keep away from one another; separation in the pursuit of a greater good!


Naturally, TaskTeens users represent the lifeblood of our community, those who believe in supporting our community and fostering initiative in our teenagers. We also realize that, while the virus has caused significant disruption to all of our daily lives and routines (and most likely will continue to do so), Mother Nature has not been put on hold. Know that we are still open for business, and here to continue lending a hand on the projects where you need it most. In fact, all of our teenagers are now left at home stuck inside for most of the day under either self imposed or parent mandated social distancing. As such, we have a surplus of teenagers who are ready to get out of the house and do something productive - so don't feel worried that no one will want to work!


On a practical note, TaskTeens will continue to prioritize the safety of our users before anything else. In line with this belief, we're doing our best to adapt to the current situation to ensure the health of everyone involved in the job process. For starters, we now mandate that no teen come closer than 6 feet to a) a fellow TaskTeens worker or b) a homeowner on a job. Additionally, for the time being we're placing a hold on any indoor jobs, and our teenagers are no longer allowed to enter your home for any reason. We hope that you can understand the thought behind these, and recognize that the efforts we're putting in are for the good of our teens and our customers.


 Finally, thank you so much for doing all you do as a TaskTeens customer. Especially in times like these, there is nothing that lights up my day more than hearing that one of our teens was able to make a positive difference in a homeowners day. It serves not only as a reminder of why I started this company, but also that one day soon we'll all be through this - and the efforts we put in now to ensure the health of our community will no doubt be celebrated in the time to come.


Wishing you, your friends, and your family the very best,


-Jack Lannin

Founder and CEO, TaskTeens, Inc.

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