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We connect teens and homeowners.

At TaskTeens, our mission is simple: to offer a platform for hard working teens to make good money without the commitments of a full time job, and for homeowners to have a platform to hire local teenagers to handle their “odd job” work effortlessly. We strive to serve as the most convenient platform for both parties alike; for teens a list of work you want to do near you (at times you are available) for comparatively high rates, and for homeowners a place where you can hire a community teenager to perform quality work at a reasonable price, all based around your needs and totally hassle free. We combine old school ethics of hard work and integrity with cutting edge technology scarcely seen in the landscaping field to provide users with the best, most convenient and streamlined experience possible.

Commitment to excellence

At TaskTeens, our foremost focus is on making sure you leave every interaction you have with us with a smile on your face. Whether that be in dealing with one of our teens on a well done job, or dealing with our customer support team to resolve an issue; you'll find every interaction you have with TaskTeens to be a positive and uplifting one. Additionally, we have an industry unique 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, which means that if for any reason whatsoever your experience with TaskTeens leaves you unsatisfied, we'll refund you 100% no questions asked and work with you to make right the issue.

A team who understands

TaskTeens was founded by Jack Lannin, a teenager himself and the cofounder and previous managing partner of TeenServ, LLC. For the past 17 years, Jack has spent much of his time helping neighbors and friends handle their lawn care, and ran a neighborhood yard business beginning at age 11. In his time at TeenServ, Jack headed their accord winning customer service and relations program, where he led them to over 300 completed jobs with an almost 100% satisfaction rate, a figure rarely seen within the lawn care industry. Through these and other experiences, Jack has gained a well rounded understanding of the needs of our users and how to best serve you in making sure you get the very best out of your TaskTeens experience, whether it's your first or hundredth time dealing with us.

Ready to get started?

Get work done in the easiest way possible, all while supporting local teens.

Make money on your own time while earning more per hour than any of your peers.

Questions? Get in touch at 703-399-6198 or info@taskteens.com

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